Services we provide

Calculation of Payroll, Issuance of Payslips & Lodgement of CPF

Calculation of Payroll, Issuance of Payslips & Lodgement of EPF (Malaysian Employment)

Submitting of National Service Claim Form and Maternity Claim Form

Preparation of IR8A and IR21 (Tax Clearance for Foreign Employees)

Maintaining Leave Records of Employees

Updating Employees Data

Why Choose Our Payroll


Outsourcing payroll to us is more cost effective than hiring a full time qualified HR accountants. Our payroll services charge is affordable and flexible in terms of your needs.


We use reliable payroll system like Tally in processing payroll to ensure quality. Accurate payroll record can be immediately extracted based on client’s enquiry.

All-in-All Solution

Having all services related to tax services and regulation done, enables you to ease from the searching information, and finding solutions.


Payroll service will be kept confidentially. Outsourcing payroll to external professionals can serve as a safeguard to confidentiality.

Prices for Payroll

Per Headcount

SGD 15
  • CPF Contribution
  • Payroll Computation
  • Payslip Generation

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, definitely. Since our charges are by per headcount, there is more flexibility in our services.

It takes about 1-2 working days to process. We will submit the monthly payroll report to you as well.

Unlimited. Especially when it doesn’t require a long time to proceed with the payroll process.