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Assembly Works was founded out of our passion and interest in navigating the challenging financial and Singaporean regulatory landscape. Committed to maintaining a direct, personal, and confidential relationship with all our clients. 

From routine bookkeeping solutions to major financial decisions, we work closely with our clients assuring that our  team provides the services and information the client need when he needs it.

Assembly Works.
Quality Accounting. Quality Service.

Words from our Founder

No matter how many customers we have, each is an individual. My aim above it all is to build a community. To empower, support and mentor young entrepreneurs and SME’s to embark in a journey of growth and development. To lead and value without ever compromising quality. And above it all to forge strong and lasting relationships with all our partners, team and clients because that is, in my opinion, the difference between failure and success. The day we start thinking of our clients as numbers, and stop thinking of them as people, is the day we start going out of business. My motivation? To keep challenging myself.

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Our Clients

We assist our clients to achieve their goals as well as maximize and protect their wealth in today’s challenging economic environment.

Turning their vision into value, supporting their growth.

We establish and assure trust and loyalty with all our partners and clients.

We are not limited to companies in Singapore!

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