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Advantages of becoming a Singaporean PR

Permanent Residency in Singapore has always been sought after by many. This is because Singapore is one of the most technologically advanced and diverse countries with a thriving economy. Being a Permanent Resident (PR) in Singapore can expose one to many advantages and perks. 

Career stability

When changing jobs, a Permanent Resident does not apply for a work permit. Applying for a work permit can be quite a long process and there is no guarantee that the application will be accepted by the government or the new employer. This means that if the application gets rejected, the foreigner candidate is forced to leave the country. Employers prefer hiring PRs as they can avoid the Work Pass application process and additionally, there is a quota on hiring foreigner employees.

Access to local schools

Singapore has one of the best educational systems worldwide. Children that hold a PR status have the right to study in local schools, they will be offered a spot in the local system while foreigners will be balloted and there is an extremely limited number of vacancies allocated to foreigners. It has become difficult for foreign students to join Singapore’s public education system.

On average, International school fees for primary school levels range between S$20k to S$40k a year while public school fees are around S$2.5k a year. PRs can also make use of the subsidised and affordable education. 

See the table below to get a breakdown of the primary, secondary and pre-uni school fees.

Primary School Fees in 2020

StatusMonthly school fees in 2020
Singapore CitizenFree
Singapore PRS$205
International Students (ASEAN)S$465
International Students (non-ASEAN)S$750

Secondary School Fees in 2020

StatusMonthly school fees in 2020
Singapore CitizenS$5
Singapore PRS$380
International Students (ASEAN)S$780
International Students (non-ASEAN)S$1,400

Pre-uni School Fees in 2020

StatusMonthly school fees in 2020
Singapore CitizenS$6
Singapore PRS$460
International Students (ASEAN)S$1,040
International Students (non-ASEAN)S$1,750

Lower Housing Cost

Singapore PRs are able to purchase property at a lower stamp duty fee than foreigners. PRs are also able to purchase HDB (Housing and Development Board) resale flats. The chances of PRs having their house loans approved is also much higher. Citizens and PRs are given more options when selecting a home as compared to foreigners. The table below depicts the difference.

Purchase of subsidised new flats from HDBEligibleNot Eligible
Purchase of resale HDB flatsEligibleEligible (Subject to HDB’s Eligibility schemes)
Rental of subsidised flats from HDBEligibleNot Eligible
Rental of a room/flat from homeownersEligibleEligible
Purchase of non-landed property- private apartments/condosEligibleEligible
Purchase of landed property – bungalows, terrace housingEligibleEligible (Subject to approval from Ministry of law)
Rental of landed and non-landed propertyEligibleEligible
CPF Housing GrantEligibleNot Eligible
Main Upgrading Subsidy and concessionary interest rate for payment of upgrading costEligibleNot Eligible
Mortgage loans from HDB at a concessionary interest rateEligibleNot Eligible
Mortgage loans from banksEligibleEligible

Local Companies

For a company in Singapore to be considered local, it needs 30% shares to be held by a citizen or a PR. Local companies have access to specific grants, subsidies and government support that foreigner companies do not have.

Central Provident Fund plan (CPF)

Being a PR entitles one to a CPF account. CPF is a mandatory social security savings scheme that is funded by contributions from employers and employees. Many see CPF as a retirement plan. CPF savings can only be withdrawn when one turns 55 years old and it can help one fund major purchases such as medical fees, buying property or education fees. Taxes will also be lower once CPF is deducted from the salary.

Easy loan application for business and investments

PRs can borrow loans from banks if they wish to start their own business or fun and investment. The loans are approved within the minimum processing time and with low interest rates. S-Pass Holders and E-Pass Holders are also able to apply for loans, however the processing time is much longer and the chances of the loans being rejected are much higher. 

Opportunity towards Singapore Citizenship

Lastly, being a Singaporean PR makes it easier when applying for Singaporean citizenship. Being a citizen will give more benefits like better tax rates, voting rights, the ability to purchase subsidised housing and a Singapore Passport that, because of Singapore’s diplomatic ties with other nations, will enable citizens to travel freely and hassle-free.


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